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Tengs, a new innovation in solar energy advancing renewable energy towards efficiency

Chinese scientists have invented solar panels that can generate power at night using the rain as known as triboelectric nanogenerators (Tengs).

Why GoSolar Mining diversified into crypto — despite its volatility

Several crypto currency investors have come and go. In a highly volatile markets, there are big winners and even bigger losses, so these are top 3 tips of GoSolar Mining experts have for its clients investing into crypto so you can be on the wining side.

GoSolar Mining partners with ZeroMass Water to alleviate severe water shortages in Chennai, India

GoSolar Mining, as part of its Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, is in discussions with the local government of Chennai, India to install SOURCE in its open areas for its local residents.

GoSolar Mining fights against Climate Change

Several of the countries Go Solar Mining operates in has adequate and satisfactory measures to combat climate change. But as what Greta Thunberg is reiterating, this is not enough. She highlighted in her iconic speech in the United Nations that world leaders should do more for the environment to serve the future generation and ensure the environmental catastrophe will be deterred.

Kool Long Appointed Senior Advisor to AC Energy Under AC Renewables Group

Mr. Kool Long after eight successful years leading GoSolar Mining’s integration to the Asian Markets, was appointed and has agreed to take on a new role as a Senior Advisor to 2 new PV solar projects under the BIM/AC Renewables partnership.

GoSolar Mining secures three concession contracts in China

GoSolar Mining will provide construction, operation and development of PV solar power plants to 3 new locations in China.

Why China’s move to Digital Currency will strengthen Bitcoin and Crypto

To mitigate Facebook launch of its digital currency, Libra, The People's Bank of China (PBOC) which is China’s central bank has fast-tracked its blockchain technology research to provide DCEP (Digital currency electronic payment).

GoSolar Mining and its subsidiaries is now officially owned by its Parent Holding Company, Petros Global Solutions Corp (PGSC)

Due to the consolidation of GoSolar Mining and its currently active 5 solar power plants under PGSC, majority of GoSolar Mining’s backoffice and support business will now be relocated to Hong Kong.

GoSolar Mining wins concession to develop PV solar plant in Zhejiang province, China

Go Solar Mining of Gibraltar reportedly won the bid to develop and operate new PV power plants in Huzhou, China, one of the main cities in the Zhejiang province.

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